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St Mary's Centre for the Community, Stream Close, Byfleet, KT14 7LZ  

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Tuesdays 6.00pm     

Pilates Tuesdays 6.45pm    

ChiBall  Tuesdays 7.30pm

The Function Room- Riverbourne Health, Heriot Road, Chertsey, KT16 9DR

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Thursdays 10.30am


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Monica Linford's ChiBall Method

ChiBall is a unique holistic exercise class combining Tai Chi, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais  (gentle conditioning) and Deep Relaxation Click here to learn more


Pilates works with your core abdominal muscles, enhancing stability whilst improving posture and poor alignment . It can improve balance and co-ordination, increase your flexibility and prevent injury. Pilates is gentle on your joints, heightens body awareness and can relieve stress and back pain.  Using the internationally respected and contemporary STOTT PILATES Method, I will provide you with a well rounded Pilates workout.  Click here to learn more

Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Tai Chi Chuan

An ancient practice thousands of years old!  Working with “Chi” your vital energy and your breath to create gentle graceful movement stimulating and energising internal organs, developing a more healthy and efficient body and aiming for a  longer and healthier life.  Click here to learn more

Chakra Dancing

A celebration of freeform dance taking a journey through the Seven major Chakras of the body promoting free flow of energy . Chakra dancing works by releasing stress and emotion, balances our energy centres leading to improved physical and mental well-being.  Chakra Dancing is a workout for everybody from the inside out. 

BodyPump ®

Want to burn up to 600 calories per class, improve your strength and fitness level whilst shaping  and toning your muscles?   Then try this exciting and motivating group weight training class suitable for both men and women who want to shape up and lose weight.  The Les Mills BodyPump® experience is now taught in 70 countries across the world! Join Rosalyn and enjoy this great experience!   visit the Les Mills site    

One to One Pilates & One to One Tai Chi Sessions

Private one to one Pilates sessions enable me to provide you with a personal programme designed for your  needs as an individual based on postural analysis whilst Private One to One Tai Chi sessions will give you an insight into the philosophy behind and the benefits gained from this ancient practice click here to learn more

Reiki Healing Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of reiki healing to balance your energy centres and find a sense of balance, harmony and peace within mind, body and soul.  Reiki is completely safe, can help to alleviate many physical and emotional imbalances and is used as a complementary therapy for many medical conditions.

Animal Healing & Communication, Natural Animal Food Remedies, Pet Bereavement Healing

Paws for healing offers healing for your animal as a complement to veterinary care or as a means of balancing your animal's energy centres bringing harmony to the mind and body. click here to learn more    Rosalyn Cunnane is a Member of the Register Of Exercise Professionals, Tai Chi Union of Great Britain & The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts
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